The Heart Of Ballybeen Is Bigger Than Business

ballybeen fundraising

ballybeen fundraisingballybeen fundraising ulster way
In the Mace, Ballybeen
ballybeen fundraising ulster way
Local Resident, Ballybeen

Today I have been fully humbled by the normal, down-to-earth and local people of Ballybeen, Belfast.

Small businesses, neighbours, the elderly, the poor, young kids, taxi drivers, even complete strangers have donated what they can for this venture. The feeling in the air is that of charity and togetherness and it gives me the drive and dedication now to see it through. I will be nervous and it will be daunting to take it all the way but I figure if these guys can do it for me, I can can do it for them.

ballybeen fundraising
Envy Girls, Ballybeenthem.

As you all know, I begin my 1000KM Ulsterway challenge very shortly and have been avidly fundraising to make sure that when the community receives the money raised from it, it is sizable enough to create change (so that my crazy efforts are not in vain).

I would also like to say a huge thanks to my stunning eight year old daughter and her friend Chloe who, with their beautiful smiles, have won over the local people of Ballybeen and brought in a larger donation today in three hours than I managed all day yesterday from the much bigger, branded businesses.

It seems to me that it is untrue to say in our new, fast-paced, modern society people don’t care about charity and each other anymore, they clearly do. What they don’t care for is charities that take cuts and bonuses with virtually no money of theirs actually being used properly to generate any lasting change. It needs to go t the right people, the needy; not the corporate.

Your donations on the other hand will be put back into the hands of local groups and youth centres (buying equipment to fund youth sports, pensioner day trips) and things that make people smile and grow, learn and achieve and start to surpass what they thought was

possible for a small little town with no government help..

And sure, isn’t that what life is all about. Looking out for each other and standing up for the little guys.

On that note, thanks to all my little guys.

Great day, great lesson.

Thank you Ballybeen.

ballybeen fundraising ulster way
ballybeen fundraising ulster way
ballybeen fundraising ulster way
ballybeen fundraising ulster way

Fundraising Kids

noel johnston fundraising
the ulster way run challenge noel johnston

BALLYBEEN YOUTH : Looks like the local kids are doing better than the adults now! Twenty pounds raised by them for our community alone in half an hour! Even Batman got sponsored. Every little helps! Love you guys, well done.

Special thanks to Rhiannon and Chloe who worked like little troopers all day on their own. No fear at all.

Total raised by these two CHILDREN TODAY on their own from this amazing wee area : £84.60!



‘Run the Ulster Way’

1000km in Under 50 Days.


50 day challenge, noel johnston
noel johnston ulsterway challenge 1000km

I want to take on the challenge of completing the Ulster Way in 50 Days or under. The money will be divided among the most needed Youth/Sports Clubs in the community (and depending on how much we raise, will also help kick start some really helpful life-changing initiatives from child coaching to pensioner day trips.) This is going to be tough. As you know Ulster is not all flat ground and I will need to be well prepared.

I will be actively fundraising at every opportunity before, during and after the run.  My aim is to do close to a half marathon every day to stay within the time frame, although I believe I can do it in less than 50 days. I want to do it as quickly as I can, as I recently broke my ankle in February and required surgery, when I lost my job as a result, I realised instead of giving up, it was an excellent opportunity for people to see that when we put our minds to something we can do it, and sometimes doing that can benefit other people.

I will be completing the feat on my own, with a bag, a tent and all the other survival essentials. You can follow my progress on Social Media.
I will be promoting my fundraising event on my journey, taking photos with people and places along the way.  I would really love for the event to be as well documented and recorded for everyone involved and donating.

There are many people I would like to help with this and I would rather see local people in the community benefit from the money raised. I will also be raising funds for my Kick Across the Barricades Project. I will be then be representing CISTA (N.I) in next year’s election.

Anything you could offer would be greatly appreciated; it’s time we seen people helping each other while government take away. Let’s take action now ourselves!

Noel Johnston