The Heart Of Ballybeen Is Bigger Than Business

ballybeen fundraising

ballybeen fundraisingballybeen fundraising ulster way
In the Mace, Ballybeen
ballybeen fundraising ulster way
Local Resident, Ballybeen

Today I have been fully humbled by the normal, down-to-earth and local people of Ballybeen, Belfast.

Small businesses, neighbours, the elderly, the poor, young kids, taxi drivers, even complete strangers have donated what they can for this venture. The feeling in the air is that of charity and togetherness and it gives me the drive and dedication now to see it through. I will be nervous and it will be daunting to take it all the way but I figure if these guys can do it for me, I can can do it for them.

ballybeen fundraising
Envy Girls, Ballybeenthem.

As you all know, I begin my 1000KM Ulsterway challenge very shortly and have been avidly fundraising to make sure that when the community receives the money raised from it, it is sizable enough to create change (so that my crazy efforts are not in vain).

I would also like to say a huge thanks to my stunning eight year old daughter and her friend Chloe who, with their beautiful smiles, have won over the local people of Ballybeen and brought in a larger donation today in three hours than I managed all day yesterday from the much bigger, branded businesses.

It seems to me that it is untrue to say in our new, fast-paced, modern society people don’t care about charity and each other anymore, they clearly do. What they don’t care for is charities that take cuts and bonuses with virtually no money of theirs actually being used properly to generate any lasting change. It needs to go t the right people, the needy; not the corporate.

Your donations on the other hand will be put back into the hands of local groups and youth centres (buying equipment to fund youth sports, pensioner day trips) and things that make people smile and grow, learn and achieve and start to surpass what they thought was

possible for a small little town with no government help..

And sure, isn’t that what life is all about. Looking out for each other and standing up for the little guys.

On that note, thanks to all my little guys.

Great day, great lesson.

Thank you Ballybeen.

ballybeen fundraising ulster way
ballybeen fundraising ulster way
ballybeen fundraising ulster way
ballybeen fundraising ulster way