Run down on the Progress since Friday. Interesting

Jeffers Bakery Wonderful lady! – £10

Lady in Laundrette in Dundonald Village made a personal donation £10

Customers in the Elk – £8

Spar East Link  – ‘Left off Ulster Way Form’

Stacks – Took form awaiting response

McDonalds – Took form awaiting response

Asda – Took form awaiting response

The Running Man Belfast – Positive feedback, meeting tomorrow.

Bloke – Received Form, Calling back in.

Ballybeen community – £84.60


It’s interesting to note that the donations coming in each day seem to be from your average ‘Joe’; the little old ladies, the passers-by, the small businesses. Those daily small acts of kindness are almost shockingly outweighing the larger corporations that ironically HAVE the money to give. In short, it’s often the community that supports their locals more than the financial giants designed to protect them.

WE are funding ourselves guys, buying equipment for our local kids and doing it instantly, all without fees and delays and excuses.

That makes me proud.

I’m still awaiting responses from some global companies who have no time for this project while a granny down the street wanted to give me her last forty p in the shop, complete with compliments for what i was trying to achieve and the hard road ahead. “I hope you get the weather!” she said.

I hope I do too.

So, here’s some food for thought – if you’re struggling financially and you wish you were the big wig rich guys that i just mentioned, don’t bother. I bet you have more heart than they have pockets.