James Meek’s Kind Donation Is Barking Mad @ Zipdogg.com

the ulsterway wallker

I’ve known of James for a long time, he works with some of my best friends doing cool tec stuff (I can’t comprehend most times) but I’ve never actually had the privilege of yet meeting him since he lives in England.  Not that it has stopped him giving his heart and money to this cause.

He happens to be one of the UK’s best Computer Programmer’s, working with clients bigger than you can imagine including the NHS & Goldman & Sachs. He is – in short – a genius. One who has never had any grumbles from clients because he is essentially a problem solver when it comes to tec. His IT company RYO relaunches very shortly and he is also the co-founder of Zipdogg.com – a funky and unique cloud storage solution that makes sure your pc files never get lost… pretty much ever. It’s like dropbox on steroids.

In my case, he is a problem solver when it comes to MY tec, given that he sponsored me a top of the range phone so that I can keep you guys informed with vlogs and blogs over my month’s outdoor journey. My phone at the minute is , let’s say, being searched for as we speak by the 80’s (who want it back).

And of course, on top of that, a fantastic Donation of £50 from James Meek and his guys via our online website! I am so blessed to know these people!

Thanks James for the kind donation. That money will go a long way here with our locals!

Much appreciated!

Reminds me yet again that it doesn’t matter who you are, how far away you are or who it helps – all you need is a few quid and a heart to make magic happen. We are all one.