Will I be sleeping With The BallyBogey Man?!

ballybogey forest noel johnstonSo, it turns out that I’ve discovered something I was hoping not to come across on my Ulsterway journey… that’s right – I might be spending my FIRST (of many) consecutive nights outdoors IN A HAUNTED FOREST! #justmyluck

Turns out when I planned the route and the progress goals, I noticed it will be nearing dark when I hit the renowned Ballybogey Forest and I’ll have to camp there all night. This didn’t bother me at all when I first mapped it, in fact, I didn’t even worry about it until I did a little research just for fun.

Just to make me whiter than than Vanilla Ice, this is what it said –

ballybogey forest, ulsterway

In short, it’s listed as one of the creepiest forests in the world, it has been noted to have ghosts, demons and ancient druids running about and finally NO ONE GOES IN THERE. Great.

And on my very first night outside too! How unlucky can ya get?

Lucky, I don’t believe in ghosts… let’s just hope they don’t decide to believe in me.

If I don’t come back in under fifty days, look for my phone… It’ll probably have some Northern Irish Blair Witch material on there ending with me screaming – “But it’s for charityyyyyyyyyyyy……”