About To Break The Ulsterway All-Time Record…. 26 DAYS!

So it’s been really tough coming up over the Newry hills and as you know the last quarter of any long haul is the hardest. It’s where you’re dying to see your family, where home seems closer than ever and you know you’re absolutely shattered at this stage.


Never mind the Proclaimers I’ve actually walked 500 miles and as rewarding as it is…. it hasn’t been all fun and games. You know, you see the photos on Facebook and the posts where I try and encourage myself and keep my spirits up… you see all the smiles and the fundraising and amazing people I have met along the way…. but when it gets quiet and you’re up the hillside with the rain coming down in sheets across your back and it’s getting cold and clammy and you know you may be sleeping on rocky ground for the night… that’s the bit the photos don’t show.

I’ve lost about two stone in weight and although I’m not complaining (because technically I’m in the best shape of my life) it’s testament to the gruelling 25-30 miles I’ve been covering each day.

You’ve probably seen the blisters too. This is the ugly side of the journey.

I promised I would finish with the bag. It’s five stone on my back…. I could’ve carried my daughter. But start as you mean to go on… I will finish with the bag.

At the start of this journey for local charity I set myself a target – UNDER 50 DAYS.

Turns out, all being well I’m going to land home on FRIDAY.

Making it 26 days…. not only nearly half my own personal target but the current record holder (who is now deceased) achieved it in 32 days, So I will beat the record.

I will be the first guy to complete the Ulsterway in this time.

So you know…. that’s just a bonus.

But the biggest thing is to donate…. THAT is what will make this worth it.

The record is just something I can say… like Nike…. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

If I can walk 1000km non stop with a post surgery broken ankle with pins… guys… what can YOU achieve idf you put your mind to it?

Much love.