B&M-AZING! Bag Pack In Dundonald With The Best Staff Ever.

So I sent my little soldiers up to B&M to fundraise by bag packing on Sunday 12th July so thanks guys for giving up your Sunday. Especially glowing at my tiny little eight year old princess who made her daddy VERY proud and stood on her little feet for five full hours …. getting the most money as always! She’s trained in it … taking from daddy’s pockets over the years! Sight_2015_07_12_132723_678Special thanks to Debbie the manager who put up with us and was so pleasant and a SUPER, SUPER thank you to Zoe Hawthorne who I have heard all about over the last few days that I’ve been walking. This girl is something else. Genuinely must be the best staff member B&M could hope for – obviously our guys aren’t experienced bag packers and she helped the whole way with a smile on her face so that our efforts ran smoothly.

zoe hawthorne

And we raised a couple of hundred pounds too. Get in!

Zoe also made a great impression on Cherie with her baking…. she happens to be an avid baker who can throw together some pretty awesome cakes, cookies, biscuits and buns. Caramel squares especially…. ummm…. don’t even start me, I haven’t had them since I left.

So Zoe has kindly offered her talents for a cake fair which will take place on Thursday afternoon around 1pm (all being well) at the Enler Complex for a little bit of extra cash.

If you’re close, come and taste! It’s all for a good cause and happy tummies.

If not, don’t forget to donate! 🙂

Massive thanks to Holly, to Debbie, to Zoe and anyone I have left out up at the Dundonald B&M…. CEO of B&M I’m talking to you… your staff rock!

Thanks guys.b&mSight_2015_07_12_132820_915 - Copy